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       Shanghai Jinchang Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. is located in Jinshanwei Town, beside  the Hangzhou Bay, in the southwest of Shanghai. It is a Sino-foreign joint venture created  by Shanghai Petrochemical Investment & Development Co., Ltd., a solely invested subsidiary  of SPC, Japanese CHISSO Petrochemical Corporation and Japanese Itochu Corporation,  with a total investment of USD9.5million and a registered capital of USD4.75million. We have introduced the most advanced modified material protection technology and equipment from  CHISSO and produce high performance modified plastics. At present, we have 6 production lines and a capacity of 17.5ktpa. We have a comprehensive development and test technology and excellent capacity of pre-sales and after-sales service and provide comprehensive  solutions to new products for the customers.


Copyright:Shanghai Jinchang Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
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