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    JC-series for automobiles have excellent weather resistance, thermal aging resistance and cold resistance performance and are mainly used in the internal and external decorations of automobiles and can meet the performance requirements of different parts and have been recognized and used by automobile companies including Volks Wagon, General Motors, Honda, Toyota and Nissan etc. The excellent material performance has made it the number 1 option for the enterprises within the industry.

Compound for automobiles   Features Applications 

Excellent heat resistance, rigidity, size stability and chemical resistance 

 Automobile internal accessories, including automobile instrument panels, car lights, door sheet and
Series 2 They have met Volkswagon performance requirements on PP materials and have been certified by Volkswagon   Auto air conditioner, heater unit, dash board framework, J-shape strap and auto radiator etc
 Series3 Chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and excellent impact resistance  Coatable auto bumpers, handles and seat fittings etc 
 Series4 High heat resistance, high rigidity and excellent size stability  Auto air duct, door shield, sound box and horn etc 
 Series5 High heat resistance, rigidity, creep resistance and scratch resistance  Auto heater units and water tanks etc 
 Series6 Material modification  Auto sealing strip etc 
 Series7 Flame retardant modified materials (PP, PA6 etc)  Auto harness tube etc



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